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Award winning Lancaster restaurant, Quite Simply French, has announced that it will be changing its name and rebranding in line with a new vision and strategy.

Robert Mason, Managing Director said: “In these uncertain times, we felt we needed to strengthen our ties with our closest neighbours. And that country is Scotland. Every year, when I visit The Edinburgh Fringe, I fall more in love with Scottish cuisine, and I can’t wait to surprise our customers with some iconic dishes. To be honest, my team and I are a bit weary of French cuisine and feel making Scottish food will be exciting for everyone.”

As part of a commitment to honour a new brand purpose, the company will become known as Quite Simply Scottish. The company’s vision is to celebrate Scottish ingredients and cuisine. It will continue to use fresh local seasonal and produce good, honest, delicious food.

Recognising its unique position as market leader in the local area, Quite Simply Scottish, has declared an ambitious company vision: to create the world’s greatest Scottish restaurant. The new Quite Simply Scottish brand will be developed by brand agency, Better with Jam. The new brand design will stay true to QSF’s heritage as a premium brand and be supported by a new marketing and advertising campaign.

Exciting new initiatives underline the company’s commitment to optimise the brand experience for its valued customers with an ongoing development and investment plan.

Robert added:

“Quite Simply French has operated in Lancaster for over 22 years and is now one of the most recognised and best-loved restaurants in the area. As we embark on our next phase of growth and cement our leadership position, our new vision – creating the world’s greatest Scottish restaurant – provides us with new focus and momentum to take the business forward.”