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Now we can really start looking forward to the Great British summer. May sees an abundance of produce finding its way into into our ingredients boxes.

On our menu we have:

Simply grilled with Prosciutto ham and lemon hollandaise

Jersey royals, brioche croutons, horseradish poppy seed vinaigrette, soft poached egg + crispy kale

What’s in season in May:
asparagus, broccoli, carrots, jersey royal new potatoes, lettuce & salad leaves, new potatoes, peas, radishes, rocket, samphire, spinach, spring onions, watercress, wild nettles

basil, chervil, chives, coriander, dill, oregano, mint, nasturtium, parsley (curly), rosemary, sage, sorrel, tarragon

lamb, wood pigeon

cod, coley, crab, haddock, langoustine, plaice, prawns, salmon, sardines, sea trout, shrimp, whelks, whitebait


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